Caroline Warfield Talks Dangerous Weakness & Giveaway!

How far will he go to protect her? How far will she run from her fears?

Hello Everyone! Who’s in the mood for a fabulous new Regency Romance?  Better still, who’s in the mood to discover a new book series?  Whether you are well familiar with Caroline Warfield’s books or just discovering her, you won’t want to miss her latest release, Dangerous Weakness.  I mean, just look at that cover!

Today, Caroline shares a tidbit of her latest of the Dangerous Series with us.  What’s more, she is offering a giveaway.  Comment below for your chance to win! (Or, if you simply can’t wait, you can BUY it HERE!)

Giveaway Alert

Caroline will give a Kindle copy of the winner’s choice of Dangerous Works or Dangerous Secrets to one randomly selected person who comments.

*** Congratulations to D.V. and deborahcordesauthor, BOTH winners of Dangerous Weakness!  Caroline Warfield has generously decided to offer copies of her latest Regency to all commenters.  This contest is now over, but the book is out and available to everyone!  For you personal copy, click HERE.***

Carol: Thanks Amanda for letting me present my newest release.  Dangerous Weakness is about a man who has always been cool and in control until he meets a woman who breaks down all his defenses. After they are thrown together overnight—and nature takes its course—he compounds his lapse with the worst proposal since Darcy insulted Elizabeth Bennett:

“We will marry of course,” he told her. “Quickly, but not so abruptly as to cause comments.” He walked toward the door, expecting her to follow.

“I beg your pardon,” she called out to him. “We will what?”

He turned on his heel. “Miss Thornton, you will be the Marchioness of Glenaire. That is far from ideal, and the difference in our state will no doubt cause talk. We will have to endure it.”

“Why?” she demanded. “Why this ‘far from ideal’ demand? Has Lady Sarah refused you?”

“Don’t be coy, Miss Thornton. You have led me into folly at every step. After last night I have no choice. I shall have to marry you. My family—”

“Your family would have kittens if I married you, which I will not.”

“You have respectable, if not the highest, breeding, you will show to advantage when properly dressed, and you will do well as a diplomatic hostess. My family, I was going to say, will have to deal with it.” He stalked away. “So will you.”

“I will not,” Lily shouted after him.

Still, he’s wealthy, powerful, and, frankly ladies, as good looking as can be. He obviously finds him attractive. He’s also the heir of the Duke of Sudbury. Is she out of her mind? He thinks so.

She isn’t a fool. She will leap at the chance to be a marchioness. Does the damned woman think she deserves poetry also?

No, she isn’t a fool, but she wouldn’t mind a man who didn’t simply order her around. Would you marry him after a proposal like that? How long do you think she can hold out?

Book Blurb

If women were as easily managed as the affairs of state—or the recalcitrant Ottoman Empire—Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire, would be a happier man. As it was the creatures—one woman in particular—made hash of his well-laid plans and bedeviled him on all sides.

Lily Thornton came home from Saint Petersburg in pursuit of marriage. She wants a husband and a partner, not an overbearing, managing man. She may be “the least likely candidate to be Marchioness of Glenaire,” but her problems are her own to fix, even if those problems include both a Russian villain and an interfering Ottoman official.

Given enough facts, Richard can fix anything. But protecting that impossible woman is proving to be almost as hard as protecting his heart, especially when Lily’s problems bring her dangerously close to an Ottoman revolution. As Lily’s personal problems entangle with Richard’s professional ones, and she pits her will against his, he chases her across the pirate-infested Mediterranean. Will she discover surrender isn’t defeat? It might even have its own sweet reward.

Carol Roddy - Author
Caroline Warwick – Author

Author bio

Caroline Warfield has at various times been an army brat, a librarian, a poet, a raiser of children, a nun, a bird watcher, an Internet and Web services manager, a conference speaker, an indexer, a tech writer, a genealogist, and, of course, a romantic. She has sailed through the English channel while it was still mined from WWII, stood on the walls of Troy, searched Scotland for the location of an entirely fictional castle (and found it), climbed the steps to the Parthenon, floated down the Thames from the Tower to Greenwich, shopped in the Ginza, lost herself in the Louvre, gone on a night safari at the Singapore zoo, walked in the Black Forest, and explored the underground cistern of Istanbul. By far the biggest adventure has been life-long marriage to a prince among men.

She sits in front of a keyboard at a desk surrounded by windows, looks out at the trees and imagines. Her greatest joy is when one of those imaginings comes to life on the page and in the imagination of her readers.

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8 thoughts on “Caroline Warfield Talks Dangerous Weakness & Giveaway!

  1. Excellent post. I was particularly intrigued with the book blurb. Russian villain? Ottoman revolution? Yes! I love novels that go beyond the tried and true. And the cover is gorgeous, too. Best of luck and many sales, Caroline!

    1. Picture me smiling. I’m glad you’re intrigued. I try to do exactly that (go beyond the usual) in all my books. I love the era, but I like new settings. Dangerous Secrets is set in Rome.

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