Night Owl Reviews Gives Bleddyn Hall 4-Stars!

483072_10151133504342936_608277898_n“Amanda L.V. Shalaby delivers a fabulous gothicesque historical romance that kept me up late into the night and jumping at every little creek the wind made….This might have been my first from her but I doubt it will be my last.” – Reviewer Pauline Michael

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The Reading Cafe Gives Bleddyn Hall 5-Stars!

The Reading Cafe“Having read two books by Ms. Shalaby I was eager to get started on Bleddyn Hall and in my opinion I’d say she has another hit on her hands.”

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Unabridged Andra’s Reviews Bleddyn Hall


“My absolute favorite part of this was Amanda’s writing style. She gives you the sense that you are actually living out a day in the life of the actual historical period. Her character’s language never slips into modern tongue, but they are still remarkably understandable. I loved this book and would read anything from Amanda Shalaby that came my way!”

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Doing Some Reading Reviews Bleddyn Hall

Doing some reading“This was truly a whirlwind ride for sure filled with mysteries, suspense, twists I didn’t see coming, and love that fought all the odds.”

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Coffee Time Romance Reviews Bleddyn Hall

Coffee Time Romance & MOre“This is a well-written historical romance with a Gothic touch. The plot is right out of a Gothic romance of the period, complete with a dark gloomy castle on the sea.”

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