Audra Official Cover 22013 RONE Award Nominee

Audra Kingsley, a wealthy heiress, may not have seen much of the world, but she knows exactly how she wants her future to play out – and a coming out ball held at her country estate, Kingsley Manor, would suit her just fine.  Her father’s wish that she be presented at St. James in London seems silly since she is to marry her neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Lord Crispin Brighton, but she obliges him.

Audra travels to London with her patroness, the eccentric Lady Sutherland, with the intention of returning home as soon as she has curtseyed to the Queen.  Unbeknownst to her, Lady Sutherland is in no rush to leave London before the Season is up, and intends to show Audra she has more options in the suitor department than Lord Crispin, a second son.

While her letters home go mysteriously unanswered, Audra finds herself surrounded by few friends and is forced to attend parties, balls and operas – all while becoming the object of a secret admirer’s obsession.  Not only, but as Audra struggles to make her way home to her beloved, plans to compromise her into an unwanted marriage are underway.  Suspense, deception and the power of true love are laced through this adventurous tale.

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