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New Giveaways, Author interviews and Great Kindle Free BooksInformation i copy



 Austen Admirer’s App is now live for itunes and android. Get all your Austen inspired sites in one place.

Austen Author’s Reader’s choice event

Readers get to choose where the story goes next! Each week features a different Austen Author!

JAFF gathering Aug 16-19 at the Cedar Hill Retreat Center, Duxbury, Massachusetts

ALL are invited!  You can still join with authors and fans for a great weekend at Cedar Hill Retreat Center  in Duxbury, Massachusetts.   Check out our Facebook page  for information.

Author Appearances/Book Signing/Awards

 Lucinda Brant’s books, Midnight Marriage and Salt Redux, are Award finalists in the 2013 READERS’ FAVORITE annual International Award Contest.

Book Releases

Maria Grace, The Future Mrs. Darcy is available as an audiobook!

Abigail Reynolds, Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections

Anna Belfrage, The Graham Saga is now available…

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