An Interview With Heidi Lester, Heroine in Callie Hutton’s A Prescription For Love

Today we’re interviewing Heidi Lester from A Prescription for Love, the third book in Callie Hutton’s Oklahoma Lovers series. It releases October 17th from Soul Mate Publishing.

Before we start the interview, here’s the blurb:

Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1903. Betrayed by his fiancée’s infidelity eight years ago, pharmacist Michael Henderson vowed he’d never risk his heart again. But he doesn’t anticipate the tug of attraction he shares with his new employee.

Heidi Lester flees her home, determined to prove to her overprotective parents she can conquer her debilitating asthma, to make a life of her own. However, her unscrupulous fiancé has no intention of letting her go. He has his own plans for Heidi and her inheritance.

 Will a scheme to ruin Michael’s family force Heidi to marry her fiancé, or will assistance arrive from a surprising source to allow her to be with the man she truly loves?

Welcome, Heidi, and thanks for taking part in this interview. I’m sure you’re pretty excited about your story being told. Let’s start at the beginning, and have you tell us what your first impression of Michael Henderson was.

Oh my, he scared me to death! You see, I had just left home only a few days before that, never having been on my own before. I’d been looking for a job for three days, and had reached the desperation point when I walked into the pharmacy. Michael was so sure of himself, so confident. And so handsome. (She blushes). But of course, that didn’t matter because I just needed a job.

Since he did hire you, I’m assuming he no longer scared you.

Not so. You see, as soon as I left the store, so excited to have a job, I had a really bad asthma attack and ended up fainting in his arms. (She gulps).

Wow, that must have been embarrassing. How did you get past that?

(She gazes at the interviewer dreamily). Michael was so understanding. And helpful. That’s when I began to think of him as my knight in shining armor. (She chuckles).

How did it go from there?

Once I started working alongside Michael every day, I soon discovered how friendly, patient and caring he was. He even invited me to a family party where I met the most wonderful people.

I understand even though you were attracted to Michael, you were actually engaged to someone else at the time?

(Sad smile). Yes. I was engaged to a horrible man. (She shivers). He really gave me a hard time when he realized Michael was beginning to mean a lot to me.

Well, we don’t want to give away much more of your story. But how about if you select an excerpt and let us read it?

Sure, here’s a scene from A Prescription For Love. This is where Michael brings me to his family’s home for his cousin’s birthday celebration, and we’re met at the door by Michael’s younger sister, Ellie:

“Here we are.” Michael stopped the buggy and hopped down to help Heidi. The side door immediately burst open and Ellie stepped out and flung herself into his arms.

“Whoa, girl, you almost knocked me off my feet.” He hugged her close, still amazed chubby, freckle-faced, little Ellie had grown into such a lovely woman.

“I haven’t seen you in so long.” She leaned back and studied his face. “What in heaven’s name happened to you?”

For the second time, he dismissed voiced concerns.

After a moment of shaking her head, she said “You missed the last two family dinners, Michael Henderson.”

Her eyes grew wide, and her mouth became a perfect circle as she noticed Heidi standing a little behind him.

“Who’s this?”

Michael drew Heidi forward. “Miss Heidi Lester, my new employee.”

Ellie continued to stare at the two of them, and then her lips turned up into a sly smile. “Indeed? Your employee, Michael?”

He felt his face flush, and wished anyone but Ellie had been the first to greet them. Not known for her tact, he didn’t want to embarrass Heidi.

“Yes. My employee.” He took both women’s arms and headed toward the door.

Ellie pulled her arm free. “You haven’t even properly introduced us, big brother.”

“Sorry.” He turned to Heidi. “May I present my sister, Ellie Henderson. High School History teacher, and champion of Women’s Rights.”

Ellie held out her hand, and Heidi hesitated before taking it.

“How long have you worked for my brother?”

“Not long. A bit more than a week.” Her voice came out breathless and Michael gave her a sharp look. Did her nerves trouble her, or was she about to have an asthma attack? If anyone could cause Heidi to lose her breath, Ellie−with all her energy−could do just that.

Thank you, Heidi, we appreciate the time you took to visit with us today, and we wish you a long and happy life with Michael. I understand you make an appearance in Ellie’s story, A Wife By Christmas?

Yes, I do. Then it’s her turn to have her world turned upside down. (She giggles). It’s a great story.

A Run For Love is the first in the series, A Wife by Christmas, the second, and in another week, A Prescription for Love will hit the cyber bookshelves.

You can find author Callie Hutton here:, or Facebook:, or follow her on Twitter: @calliehutton

The Oklahoma Lovers series can be purchased at, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

25 thoughts on “An Interview With Heidi Lester, Heroine in Callie Hutton’s A Prescription For Love

  1. Never had a chance to review A Prescription For Love! And from what I read Callie, the book sounds lovely. I write contemporary, but you know how I love my historicals.

  2. Wonderful character interview. You did a great job showing us Heidi’s personality. 🙂 I often interview my characters to get to know them better. Your Oklahoma Lovers series sounds wonderful!

  3. Congrats on another great release, Callie! I think this is my favorite of the Oklahoma Lovers so far- or at least it’s a toss up with A Wife By Christmas. 🙂 Love this scene!

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